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sex, drugs and on the dole

a day in the life of a cunt

23 December
what kind of person turns up to a party theyre not invited to?
2 many djs, 2-tone, acting 15, at the drive-in, awkward silences, beastie boys, beatles, beer, being grimey, being scene, biggie, black flag, blagging lifts, blazers, blink 182, bloc party, blondie, brighton, bud, calvin and hobbes, capdown, cheesy choons, chewing gum, choking victim, cider, clichés, clubbing, cocaine, comedowns, crack, cunninglynguists, d'n'b, djing, drink promo's, dub reggae, eddie izzard, epitaph, festivals, first impressions, fit 'alternative' girls, fit girls in general, french hip-hop, frosty jacks, gang of four, getting pissed, gigs, girls aloud, goldfrapp, good films, graffiti, greek mythology, green flat caps, grimey rollies, hanover, heroin chic, hip-hop, indie club nites, irony, jedi mind tricks, jehst, jurassic 5, kate bush, kittens in mittens, leicester city fc, libertines, lindsey lohan, lou reed, lying on grass, lypsyl, marlboro lights, masturbation, mayonaise, million dead, mr sleeps, mtv base, mushrooms, my bed, my fucked sleeping pattern, nausing, neale, new order, niiice viiibes maaaan, nofx, oasis, old-skool shit, parties, pav tav, pills, pizza plus, politics, pop-punk, pubs, pulp, punk, punk princesses, radiohead, ramones, random texts, randoms, raves, really shit emo, refused, sage francis, saying 'innit', scarves, sex pistols, sharing needles, ska, ska-punk, skanking the nite away, skateboarding, sleeping too much, smoke-ups, socialism, sonic youth, speed, stencils, stickers, subway, suede, summer, swearing, sweating, taxing lighters, teenage kicks, the bled, the clash, the go! team, the jam, the mega indie one, the misfits, the pixies, the selecter, the smiths, the specials, the stooges, the strokes, the wackout kru, those captions underneath newsround, tracker bars, tramps, uk hip hop, velvet underground, vodka, weekends, wu tang clan, yeah yeah yeah's, zebras