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sex, drugs and on the dole

Nov. 20th, 2007

05:22 pm - xclapping_hamsx

alright pricks?

sooo....my weekend...

On friday i got back from work and realised id lost my phone so rushed down and was moody for a while. wasnt gunna go out but then decided to go for a "couple". went to the 3 jolly butchers, and met the 3 jolly butchers..AKA nick anna and mimah. worked out how im gunna make my millions - famous gay top trumps. im on to a winner trust me.. got a cab home with anna and ate curry while watchin the "50 greatest comedy sketches" which considering the title, was really unfunny.

SATURDAY woke up and went to work in Pussy, seeing anna off to bristol beforehand. work was standarddd. Went home then went to the pub on my own to watch the football. Thankfully jack arrived before it looked like id actually gone on my own. turf arrived aussi. the israel game was EPIC *brap brap* and all that..freya and flabbyrags joined in the fun and we were soon on our way to meet nick. fucked off meeting nick and went to the roundhill to meet madz, grace, brendan, jacey, lardawg and probably some other CUNTS. bought a bottle of southern comfort and went to this party. party was fuckin silly, far too packed to be enjoyable. The police obviously turned up and kicked like 200 people out onto the street at once. i never really understand the logic...Police then got DAWGS out and arrested some people for probably absolutely no reason...love it. jack was well paro. blah blah BLAHHH bought some more southern comfort. Found myself at home at like 1 with a whole bottle of southern comfort so rang lily brown who obliged in coming round and helping me drink it. DOPE

lazed around in bed all day on sunday, watched Matilda...camp.. got up at like 6 and went to meet "people" in the pub, but no-one turned up except nina. so me and nina got pissed on tuscan mule for afew hours til sarah arrived. went and met Leigh and his flatmates in the pav tav and played some shocking games of pool and weirdly enough, played the "pull the most horrible face you can" game. love that game. got chucked out of there so went to riki tiks for some after hours drinking. was pretty pissed at this point and remember getting aggy with some girl cos she said she didnt like the codfather..went home via goodies and hadnt eaten a single thing all day so got a kebab with chips and cheese..i mustve looked so repulsive eating that when i got in..sleep.

yesterday went round jacks and just sat around gettin lean all day munchin scampi. was allll good.

christ, how dull was that..sorry.

in a bit yo

Oct. 30th, 2007

01:36 pm - xworking_for_the_rat_racex

yeh fuckin WOT livejournal..wots crackin up in ur endz bitch?

Ive just started a job in CLAPHAM (long story...kinda..) where i pretty much get paid to sit on the internet so i thought id start writing LJ again to pass the time.

soo..what have i been up to...

joining the daily commute up here hasnt been too bad to be honest, im quite enjoying the "latte, croissant and The Independent" scene its got goin on, give it a couple of weeks though..the train home is horrible.

so this weekend i had a bit of money (!!!) so decided to spend it on my liver. on FRIDAY i returned home from work, made some munch and headed down to the Barfly for Asobi Seksu with heaphy, anna and deekles. drank snakebite for "old times sake" washed down with shots of jager...god im such a goth. Watched Asobi Seksu who werent PARTICULARY exciting, but good none the less. Sound was wack though. after that, went over to the penthouse for about 3 minutes, then went up to The Albert. Spoke to some Saudi guy for ages about middle eastern politics. urgh cringe..probably quoted Immortal Technique lyrics or something..got chucked out so hung around in the street for ages, then walked the WORST WAY EVER back to the barfly for the club night. really dont remember much except nausing Ben on the door for ages and dancin to The Walkmen...Apparently everyone was "really fucked" but i really cant remember this at all. Got a cab back to annas and chatted shit to her while half asleep about "The middle carriage"


Woke up on saturday and anna went to work, so i laid around all day watchin Soccer Saturday with a headache. Went home and watched Portsmouth vs West Ham which was the worst game ive ever seen. anna came round and we met jack at the pepperpot then got a lift into town by some paki in a souped up nissan. went to The George for some vegan viiiibess...met amy and griggpiss in there and kirsty joined in the fun and games. had a few pints then moved rather uninterestingly up to the albert. Jack heard of some party so we got a cab up there innit. dont really know how to sum up the party...there was nibbles. so we set up camp in the garden, drank my vodka and lilt and "naused it". At one point these kids tried to start a fire with planks of wood and a lighter, when i told them this wouldnt light, they said "lets put some alcohol on it" and poured a bottle of WKD over it. i think that sums up the party more than the nibbles. then jack got aggy or somethig and we got kicked out so we stole some "flying saucers" then some fat bitch started on us for nicking "sweets and a can of strongbow". oooo! i wish i was a bad man but i aint got time! after watchin jacks mate throw up all the way down dyke road, we got a cab down to the mash tun and nearly got nicked by some FAG of a policeman. after that id run out of money so me and anna went home.

SUNALUNNNNN i woke up and was made to endure the Xfactor repeat. fuckin itv2 is a cunt.....fucked that off pretty quickly and went and met abbott to watch the football. went to The Worlds End but it was showin the NFL!?!? who gives a flying fuck seriously...wot a shit sport. met brown and went and watched it in the Pub With No Name (original..) and had to sit through the TORTURE of smelling their roasts but not being able to have one. had a couple of drinks and watched Arsenal - Liverpool which was dope. went home and had a roast and a blaze and watched tv. ISNT IT.

yesterday i worked at the Against me! gig at the concorde which wasnt particularly exciting, their new stuff is shit.

this weeeeeeeek im workin, goin to see the Guillotines on weds, seein Maths Class at the freebutt on thursday, then friday its the FUCKIN weekend...think im workin at Kid Harpoon,then goin down audio for Friction/Skream then wakin up ready in time to get pissed and watch man utd - arsenal BRAPPITY BRAP BRAP.

so yeah, high jinx all round i guess..

peace fuckers.

Sep. 3rd, 2007

10:18 pm

wot the fucks up livejournal??

fuck alls been goin on in my life really..got my BIMM grades..distinction and a merit so that was all good..

apart from that not been doin a lot, this summers been wack innit. went to Lovebox which was HEAVY, toots and the maytals were fuckin naaang. went to TDK in kings cross which was also a fuckin laugh..ended up back at luthers flat doin mdma in the early hours..threw up and fell asleep in the bathroom with my head next to the sistern. woke up and thought about goin 2 notting hill..but fucked it off. kinda sums up my summer really..

anyway yeah, this felt like a good idea but i got fuck all to write about..

off to bestival in a couple of days (hopefully..) which i do hope will be truly wonderful!

yeh peace out LJ..

roll on lewes bonfire night!

May. 4th, 2007

07:09 pm

how is "catchphrase" still going??

surely its a gameshow with a limited longevity..?

Apr. 22nd, 2007

08:46 pm - xan_opportunity_for_discussionx


i have had two pretty funny (and alcohol fuelled) weekends. i cant be arsed to go through last weekend mostly cos i cant remember what i did, but i do know it was a good'un

this week i have been back at college which has been ok i spose..

on thursday i met neale after work and we went for a few drinks at the pressure point and got harrassed by some fuckin crackhead cos apparently i was being "saucy" whatever the fuck that means..got harrassed by more crackheads, but this time it was dani and finbar. had some "giggles" then i walked up to marz's house, blaggin a random lift off "fat sam" and "smiley will" on the way. got to marz's and listened to his new beat and ting. set off again and went down to heaphys where we got blazed and watched "rolling with the nines" with cam and tim sanders. worst/best film everrr. YOU MUGGY CAAANTT!! had a paro walk home and slept.

friday night i went and met vice, aki, kev, brad, luther and alan at the western front for a drink, then went to the albert with luther and alan. waited for the "fun" to start and OH MY DAYS DID IT EVER!!?! yeh it was alright..got well drunk and naused tings. after that we went down to po na na for dj mehdi and it all gets a bit blurry after this...i remember mehdi being pretty good tho. have a memory of stumbling about the place spilling red wine all over myself. safe. walked home (apparently) with anna and got home. freya passed out in the dog bed.

saturday had a pretty bad hangover so just sat around all day making smoothies. camp. that evening me and anna walked to heaphys and got "sloshed" on white russians with heaphy, brown, cam, madz, fin, nima and jacey. was really fuckin funny. nick came round and we took that as our cue to go down to wintons. he was havin some little party thing which seemed pretty funny but then anna threw up so we got a taxi back to hers.

today i again didnt do anything due to a hangover and am now counting down the minutes COUNTING THE DAYS?!?!?..until match of the day 2 comes on and i can skin up my mini skin zoot. what a life i lead...

shit update, peace out bruvvahs and sisters

Apr. 14th, 2007

04:26 pm

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Apr. 13th, 2007

06:32 pm

this is incredible...


the story is funny enough without the mails detailed journalism...

Apr. 11th, 2007

05:37 pm - xfor_the_hatersx


this was my weekend:

On thursday me and jack went up to london to roadie at the Scala. got the train up there and listened to jack talking about every single "trackside" we passed. got to kings cross and span out, then waited outside the venue for like 2 hours waiting for south central to show up. finally they did so lugged all the equipment up to the top floor (lots of stairs truuust..) then they decided that because the desk only had 12 channels they couldnt do the show so brought it allll back down again. fun. but then this meant me and jack had hours to do fuck all...waheyyy. saw the queue for the "Underage show" grow with disgust. seriously, 12 year old boys in blue lycra with smiley faces painted on their faces in glowpaint. it was like an audition for Skins extras. it was slightly repulsive. so we bought loads of booze and found some little park/square thing and got pissed and watched a group of chinks play basketball. went back to the scala and watched Metronomy for a bit, then went backstage to "nause tings". found our way into the presets dressing room and told this french band that we were djing upstairs later on so they gave us loads of vodka. met "darren" from shitdisco and got kained with him, some hippie was "well into grime" and some fuckin munt who looked like something out of bo selecta, if it did a "new rave" character. walked out and found ourselves on stage with Ruff Sqwad. haha which was pretty funny. after that me and jack had peaked a bit too early on the alcohol front so went and sat upstairs with headaches. then found the manager of the band we were working for who took us to some balcony overlooking the venue and had a crate. so drank up there and watched metronomy again...

got the train home but got stuck at 3 Bridges so had to ring jacey who VERY kindly came and picked us up at 2:30am. pretty fun day in all.

ermm..didnt do much in the day i dont think, then in the evening went to SHOCK HORROR! the albert...bom chick wah wah! was amusing enough i suppose. then we walked to some party jimbo was at, but we then found it didnt exist (like, literally) so me and anna walked to Po Na Na but it was just ruby and ty left cos imi had got kicked out or something. danced around for a bit, then me and anna went up to Hatties house and gurned out with fat sam. got home at like 7:30ish.


did fuck all really, walked back to annas and got pizzas and ting. watched tv. etccc. stayed in basically.

sundayyyy me, anna, freya and jacey drove up to Stanmer park to walk finty. was pleasant as fuck! drove back into brighton and met my stepdad and went for dinner in the Park View which was well nice. drove back to mine picking up anna on the way and ate chocolate.

monday i went to my uncle and aunts for an easter meal thing. was "Kewl". got home and went down to TOTALLY TOTAL and snorted the ashes of art-rock. got a bit lean and ting, then went to the great eastern with alan, luther and fin which was pretty funny then watched as they munched chinese and walked home.

yesterday and went down to TOTALLY TOTAL again and inhaled the fumes of avant garde. missed luther and sams set rather annoyingly, but did get to see MC Fashion who always puts a smile FIRMLY on my face. got a bit pissed, then went and watched United RINSE roma at the lord nelson with brown. got joined by blim, vice, murley and luther at various points, then met jack, alice, georgia, and maybe a few others? went to the evening star for a drink and some laughs. was thoroughly enjoyable. walked back to annas.

TODAY i went down to preston, sat on nima's blanket and got bitten by loki. lift back from nima and supercharged tonight like WOT!


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Apr. 3rd, 2007

03:06 pm - xoff_the_hookx

so yeah boys and girls, wot the fuck a'gwarn??

this weekend was strange.

On thursday we had heaphys little surprise birthday bash at the albert which he took FUCKING AGES to get to cos he was "cutting the cake with his aunt" - now THATS thug.. in the end it was a fuckin hilarious night. jack covering turfs tshirt in ketchup was a personal highlight for everyone except turf. after plenty on laughs we moved onto brown and justines flat for more. brown got in a FIGHT with the pizza man, THEN got in a fight with his next door neighbour...it was classic, trust..

so yeh, then me and anna went back to mine and munched hardcore stylee and went to bed.

On friday i had no money so just went round the Viel house and "chilled" with nima, aki, vice, iona kev and nick. everyone went out except me, nima and nick so we "smoked some weed" and played "computer games". nick drank a bottle of wine and slurred some classics like "ive realised that im never happier than when im sitting in a dark dingy room fucked on mdma". right....skanked nick..

about 12 walked to annas and watched the apprentice - BEST. PROGRAMME. EVERRRRRRRRR!!#

on saturday we got up and got ready to go sit in queens park with abbott, freya and jack. so walked ALL the way back to mine then got back and found abbott asleep on my sofa, so didnt go to the park and stayed inside instead. at some point decided to go up to my little friend jaceys abode, so after miraculously finding out my ipod has decided to work again (!?) mished up there. sat there with a 40, eating haribo and listening to judge jules. phattt. at some point, we walked down to imis house who was having a "Piss up". got "Pissed up" then went down to this party. party was actually well good i thought. full of old french people? did some MDMA for "old times sake" and then obviously didnt go to sleep til 5pm the next day. brap? yeh, about 4/5 we went back to imis and all got fucked and it was great and yeah...

woke up at 7pm on sunday in imis parents bed after 3 hours sleep and felt like shit. me and anna got the bus home and realised i hadnt eaten for over 30 hours. ATE! BED!

monday sat around all day, anna went home after deal or no deal and i continued to sit around..
in the evening i MADE a chilli con carne which was fuckin nang. cooking is the new rolling through..

then rosh informed me that there was a gig down at the shop dave and inkpen have hired out, so jack came up mine for a grolsch, then we walked down. the shop is actually well nang, was pretty impressed. had a bar and everything!!!! luther and murley both returned from uni's so it was n.a.n.g. to see dem youts. james bolton did a set which i thought was well good, and then dave, inkpen and james did a set with this tiny drum kit thing. it was like Sonic Youth the musical. after that me, jack and luther went back to luthers and raided his fridge of quiche, then had a few "zooties" and listened to music/watched family guy.

walked home with jack. end.

Mar. 20th, 2007

03:22 pm

right, fuck Reading and Glasto this year....

its all about benicassim and bestival!!

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